Our purpose is to help restore the balance of our world. With all the new technology people are missing out on those outdoor childhood memories that last a life time.

The problem is many people are looking for simpler ways to get outdoors and interact with natural bodies of water without having to get into them. Getting into the water requires the right temperature and planning out a whole day, frequently referred to as a “lake day”. Unfortunately, it is harder than ever before to schedule a day around going to the lake. People need a quicker simpler solution to satisfy their daily needs for a fix of outdoor recreation and beauty.

Here is stonnes solution. Our ecofriendly, non-toxic, and biodegrade skipping stones give people the opportunity to interact with their favorite lakes, ponds, and oceans without having to plan a whole day around it. Our product makes it easier for people to get out of the house and it gives people the option to bring friends and family to enjoy a quick game of skipping Stonnes. Our game bag comes with 20 skipping stones a scorecard and golf pencil so that our customers can experience the fun outdoor game. It complements their walks to their local beach, park, or fishing pond. 

We are in the process of raising $100,000 so that we can expand our productions so that we can help even more people. Every month we donate 10% of our profits to a lake, pond, or ocean in need of restoring a balanced eco-system. With your help we can change the world and make it a more balanced environment for aquatic life and humanity.