An affordable solution to bring friends and family together. We create memories that last a life-time through outdoor recreational products. We offer the opportunity to enjoy an age-old game and sport while preserving and growing underwater ecosystems for future generations. 


Skipping Stonne Game Bag comes with a scorecard, golfpencil, 20 fish food skipping Stonnes, and a Stonne reusable bag! It is a 4 person game that allows people to compete and see who can skip a stonne the most! Take turns skipping one at a time. Everyone works together to come up with a number of skips. On a good throw watch as your stonne skips all the way out of eyes sight. You will feel a sence of satisfaction like never before, it becomes addicting. Rocks are suppose to sink, so how come these stay above water for so long?! This product is candy for your eyes!

4 Person Game Bag (20)

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