Corn hole style floating target for your backyard pool. Comes with one floating target, 12 skipping stonnes, and 2 fishing nets.


Game Rules: My friend and I start by skipping stonnes on the opposite end of the pool as the floating target After all the stonnes are skipped you can take your hand net or pool skimmer to fish out your stonnes. Take turns skipping your stonnes 6 throws per person per round. First person to get an overal score of 21pts wins!


For example: My partner and I just finished skipping our 6 stonnes for the round. I skipped one Stonne into the taget and it went into the 5pt hole! My friend ended up doing bette than me this round and skipped one stonne into the 4pt and 2pt hole. This round my friend beat me. Every round the difference between the two total scores gets added to the winners overal score. My friend got 1pt added to his overal score this round. 



1 Target Bundle